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Barkley Canyon Refresh Workshop - 5-7 October 2015 at the University of Victoria

See also the general workshop announcement.

This workshop aims at researchers to present results, discuss experiments, assess sites, and recommend plans for future Barkley Canyon research. We are also interested in discussing how the ONC Barkley Canyon experiments moving forward can be integrated into a more regional observation effort with the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) off the west coast of the US.

Since the Barkley Canyon Node was taken offline in January 2015 and the Node was fully recovered in May, plans are underway to repair and redeploy the Node and associated extension cables early in the 2016 (May-June) cruise season. We are taking this opportunity to conduct a thorough assessment of the science achievements and future experiments for the observatory installations at Barkley Canyon. During the week of October 5-7, 2015, Ocean Networks Canada will host a workshop at the University of Victoria.

To participate in this workshop, please contact  Richard Dewey , Associate Director, Science Services with a short explanation of your research interests, past, present, or future at Barkley Canyon.

Draft Agenda - August 31, 2015 (PDF)

Confirmed Attendees (external):

  • Jacopo Aguzzi (CSIC, Spain)
  • Pere Puig (CSIC, Spain)
  • Mairi Best (Consultant, Canada)
  • Neus Campanya i Llovet (MUN, Canada)
  • Pauline Chauvet (IFREMER, France)
  • Maycira Costa (UVic, Canada)
  • John Dower (UVic, Canada)
  • Thomas Gallaghar (ONC)
  • Tom Kwasnitschka (Geomar, Germany)
  • Gwyn Lintern (NRCan, Canada)
  • Marjolaine Matabos (IFREMER, France)
  • Annie Mercier (Memorial U, Canada)
  • Karina Ramos Musalem (UBC, Canada)
  • Garry Rogers (NRCan, Canada)
  • Jakob Schwendner (DFKI, Germany)

On video

  • Renald Belley (5 and 7 Oct)
  • Laurenz Thomsen
  • Andrew Thurber (6 afternoon)

ONC staff:

  • Richard Dewey
  • Kim Juniper
  • Martin Scherwath
  • Fabio De Leo
  • Martin Heesemann
  • Steve Mihaly
  • Kristen Kanes
  • Dwight Owens

High-Level Agenda:

Monday, 5 Oct 2015

0900-0930Reception Coffee
0930-1030ONC Introduction and Overview (Barkley Infrastructure, Status, Data Framework)
1030-1100Morning Coffee
1100-1200Past Results (Wally Hydrates)
1300-1500Past Results contd. (Deep Sea Biology, Benthic Ecology, Ecosystem Functioning, Physical Oceanography)
1500-1530Afternoon Coffee
1530-1600Past Results contd. (Seismology, Passive Acoustics, Water Column, Active Sonars)
1600-1700ONC Working Groups Concept

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015

0815-0845Reception Coffee
0900-1030Sites: A review of the existing sites and considerations for new sites & experiments (Breakouts and Group)
1030-1100Morning Coffee
1100-1230Systems: A review of the existing systems (e.g. VPS) and considerations for new systems (Breakouts and Group)
1330-1345Past Results contd. (Deep Sea Biology)
1345-1415Introduction to Oceans 2.0
1415-1500Data: A review of existing data and tools, and a consideration for additional data services (Breakouts and Group)
1500-1530Afternoon Coffee
1530-1630Linkages: What other programs, opportunities, and initiatives should be integrated and/or pursued?
1630-1730Planning: What does the future of the Barkley Canyon network look like?

Wednesday, 7 Oct 2015

0815-0845Reception Coffee
0900-0930What needs to happen to realize the future of the Barkley Canyon network?
0930-1030Compile the pieces for a science plan for Barkley Canyon
1030-1100Morning Coffee
1100-1200The roadmap and next steps

Planning Page (with permission)

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