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This is the home page of Ocean Networks Canada Research Working Groups. On this page you will have information about all working groups currently working with data of ONC's cabled, autonomous and mobile systems. The WG pages are the interface of communication between ONC's staff scientists and the research community. The main purpose of this virtual space is to share content and allow for open discussions related to particular research themes, specific projects, new instruments and experiments and to coordinate new proposal submissions. External users are able to request participation in one or multiple working groups.

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Staff MemberPosition – Responsibility


 Fabio De Leo

Staff Scientist – Benthic Ecosystems


 Martin Heesemann

Staff Scientist – Seismology & Plate Tectonics


 Steve Mihaly

Staff Scientist – Ocean & Climate Dynamics


 Martin Scherwath

Staff Scientist – Gas Hydrates & Seabed Fluids


 Akash Sastri

Staff Scientist – Plankton Dynamics & Biogeochemistry


 Tania Lado Insua

Ocean Analytics Program Manager


 Maia Hoeberechts

Associate Director User Services


 Richard Dewey

Associate Director Science Services


 Kim Juniper

Chief Scientist




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