What is it?

Device Console provides a real-time display of instrument connectivity. Any logged-in user has Read permissions, while Observatory Operations Admin users have permissions to start and stop drivers and assign Java Virtual Machines (JVM's) for device drivers.

Why is this useful?

Device Console is the command & control centre for observatory observations team. It is vital to the maintenance and troubleshooting of instruments. Users get real-time summaries such as current status, uptime, last archived file, interactive quick plots, and links to Device Details page. 

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Personal history - remember searches, save plots, create annotations.

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Community: join research working groups, share ideas for experiments and data analysis.

1. Device Console: Introduction

The navigation tree is highlighted in green, and in the content pane is a listing of instruments connected at that node or location (click to enlarge)

2. Device Console: JIRA issues

Click on the JIRA tab, and a list of relevant JIRA tickets is displayed.

3. Device Console: Junction Box monitor

Click on Junction Box tab to display real-time display of junction box telemetry, which is used to help diagnose engineering problems with instruments (e.g., ground faults).

4. Device Console: Topology diagram

The Diagram tab displays a topology diagram of instruments, with connection and cabling details.

5. Device Console: 24 hr. Data Monitoring Report

Data Monitoring highlights instruments which have delayed or missing data streams. Data specialists monitor this issues daily and create JIRA tickets for corrective action.

6. Device Console: File Archiving report

The File Archiving report lists the raw and derived files for an instrument, created in the past day. Missing or delayed files are highlighted in colour.