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Structured Light System Raw Bayer Pattern Image

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=SLSRBPI

Revision History

  1.  : Initial Release


The videos are a combination of the Wally Structure Light System camera Images. The Images are captured every second with various break times between sets of images. The videos breaks when there is a gap greater then one hour between images. If the video is shorter the 10 seconds it is not shown.


The data is available as a RGGB-PNG image.  A RGGB image is a Bayer filter mosaic. that is has a filter pattern of 50% green, 25% red and 25% blue. These images have more information in the PNG then a PNG veiwer can not present.  The image must be demosaiced to see the full resolution and colours of the images, this can be done easly in Matlab using the pseudocode below.   

Video data in MP4 format. Exact specifications of the video file (bitrate, encoding, etc), may vary.  The videos have a frame rate of 12.5 frames per second.



  • PNG

Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension=png



I = imread(fileName);

J = demosaic(I,'rggb');



note to internal ONC users: The full code can be found in ONC devplayground.


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