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The following is a dynamic list of all of the properties are being pulled from the properties web service using the URL[YOUR_TOKEN_HERE]

The propertyCode values can be used as a filter on the locationsdevicesdeviceCategoriespropertiesdataProducts and dataProductDelivery services. Filters on the propertyCodepropertyName and description columns can be used to reduce the results returned from the properties service.


propertyCode propertyName description uom
absolutebarometricpressure Absolute Barometric Pressure Pressure: air, absolute barometric hPa
absolutehumidity Absolute Humidity Humidity: absolute g/m^3
absorbance Absorbance Absorbance: LED light NA
acceleration Acceleration Acceleration m/s2
airdensity Air Density Density: air kg/m3
airtemperature Air Temperature Temperature: air C
altitude Altitude Depth: altitude m
altitudesource Altitude Source Altitude Source: For altitude values ON/OFF
amperage Amperage Amperage A
amplitudebeam1 Amplitude Beam 1 Amplitude: beam 1 Count
amplitudebeam2 Amplitude Beam 2 Amplitude: beam 2 Count
amplitudebeam3 Amplitude Beam 3 Amplitude: beam 3 Count
angularrate Angular rate Angular Rate ��/s
barometrictrend Barometric Trend Barometric Trend NA
batterycapacity Battery Capacity Battery Capacity Ah
batterycharge Battery Charge Battery Charge %
batteryposition Battery Position Position of the pitch battery in
beamposition Beam Position Beam position Count
benderelectricalresistance Bender Electrical Resistance Bender Electrical Resistance mega-ohm
biofoulingprevention Biofouling Prevention Biofouling Prevention ON/OFF
bottomlock Bottom Lock Bottom Lock: Sensor ability to see bottom ON/OFF
calibratedphaseangle Calibrated Phase Angle Calibrated Phase Angle deg
cameralight Camera Light Camera Light %
camerapan Camera Pan Camera Pan deg
cameratilt Camera Tilt Camera Tilt deg
cdom CDOM Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) ppb QSDE
cdomfluorescence CDOM Fluorescence CDOM Fluorescence ppb
chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll ug/l
co2concentration CO2 Concentration Concentration: carbon dioxide ppm
co2concentrationlinearized CO2 Concentration Linearized Concentration: carbon dioxide, linearized umol/mol
co2partialpressure CO2 Partial Pressure Pressure: carbon dioxide, partial pressure pCO2 uatm
compensatedphaseangle Compensated Phase Angle Compensated Phase Angle deg
conductivity Conductivity Conductivity: siemens per metre S/m
correlation Correlation Correlation %
currentdirection Current Direction Current Direction: from North in degree deg
currentvelocity Current Velocity Current Velocity: current speed calculated m/s
currentvelocitybeam1xeast Current Velocity Beam1-X-East Current Velocity: beam1-x-east m/s
currentvelocitybeam2ynorth Current Velocity Beam2-Y-North Current Velocity: beam2-y-north m/s
currentvelocitybeam3zup Current Velocity Beam3-Z-Up Current Velocity: beam3-z-up m/s
density Density Density kg/m3
depth Depth Depth m
detectionratio Detection Ratio Detection Ratio: Short to Long Term Average NA
devicememorysize Memory Size Memory: size byte
devicememoryusage Memory Usage Bytes Memory: bytes of memory in use by a device byte
devicememoryusagepercent Memory Usage Percent Memory: percent of memory in use by a device %
dewpoint Dew Point Dew Point C
differentialpressuregauge Differential Pressure Gauge Pressure: differential Pressure Gauge decibar
differentialtemperature Differential Temperature Temperature: differential C
displacement Displacement Displacement m
dissolvedgaspressure Dissolved Gas Pressure Pressure: dissolved gas mbar
downwardatmosphericlongwaveradiation Downward Atmospheric Long-Wave Radiation Radiation: atmospheric long-wave, downward W/m^2
easting Easting Easting: UTM m
electricalresistance Electrical Resistance Electrical Resistance ohm
electriccharge Electric Charge Electric Charge mAh
engineeringcount Engineering Count Count: engineering data Count
engineeringcount1000s Engineering Count 1000s Count: engineering data, count in thousands kCount
errorcode Error Code Error Code NA
eventcount Event Count Count: scientific event counter Count
filecount File Count Count: file Count
focus Focus Focus Count
forwardrange Forward Range Forward range m
frequency Frequency Frequency Hz
gassaturation Gas Saturation Saturation: of gas %
gasstreampressure Gas Stream Pressure Pressure: for dissolved gas sensors decibar
gpsintervaltimeofweek GPS Interval Time of Week Time: GPS interval time of week s
gravitationalacceleration Gravitational Acceleration Gravitational Acceleration g m/s2
gravity Gravity Gravity: measured gal
gregoriantime Gregorian Time Time: Gregorian days since 19700101T000000Z Gregorian days since 19700101T000000Z
groundfault Ground Fault Ground Fault %
heave Heave Heave m
icedraft Ice Draft Ice Draft m
icethickness Ice Thickness Thickness: ice m
instrumentlevel Instrument level Instrument level Count
internalhumidity Internal Humidity Humidity: internal to calibrate instrument %
internalph Internal pH pH: internal or reference pH pH
internalpressure Internal Pressure Pressure: internal pressure of instrument decibar
internaltemperature Internal Temperature Temperature: instrument internal temperature C
internalvacuumpressure Internal Vacuum Pressure Pressure: internal vacuum pressure in Hg
ironconcentration Iron Concentration Concentration: iron umol/l
kurtosisstatisticalanalysis Kurtosis Statistical Analysis Kurtosis Statistical Analysis NA
laser Laser Laser ON/OFF
latitude Latitude Latitude: in degrees deg
length Length Length m
lengthstddev Length Standard Deviation Length Standard Deviation m
longitude Longitude Longitude: in degrees deg
magneticdeclination Magnetic Declination Magnetic Declination deg
magneticheading Magnetic Heading Magnetic Heading deg
magnetometer Magnetometer Magnetic flux density uT
magnetunitlesssensor Magnet Unitless Sensor Magnet Unitless Sensor NA
massposition Mass Position Mass Position %
maximumwaveheight Maximum Wave Height Wave Height: maximum wave m
maximumwaveperiod Maximum Wave Period Wave Period: maximum wave period s
meanwavedirection Mean Wave Direction Wave Direction: mean wave direction deg
meanwavespread Mean Wave Spread Mean Wave Spread deg
methaneconcentration Methane Concentration Concentration: methane ppm
methanemolarconcentration Methane Molar Concentration Concentration: methane umol/l
methanepartialpressure Methane Partial Pressure Pressure: methane, partial pressure pCH4 uatm
microgacceleration Micro-g Acceleration Acceleration: micro-g ug
mixingratio Mixing Ratio Mixing Ratio g/kg
motorpower Motor Power Motor Power %
netradiation Net Radiation Radiation: net radiation W/m^2
nitrateconcentration Nitrate Concentration Concentration: nitrate umol/l
northing Northing Northing: UTM m
onoffsensor On/Off Sensor On/Off Sensor ON/OFF
other Other Unclassified sensor type NA
oxygen Oxygen Oxygen: optode sensor ml/l
parenergybased PAR Energy-based Radiation: par, energy uE / m^2 s
parphotonbased PAR Photon-based Radiation: par, photon umol / m^2 s
peakgrounddisplacement Peak Ground Displacement Peak Ground Displacement m
peakperiod Peak Period Wave Period : wave peak period s
peakvalue Peak Value Peak Value NA
ph pH pH pH
pingtime Ping Time Ping time to target ms
pitch Pitch Pitch deg
positionoffset Position Offset Position offset m
power Power Power W
pressure Pressure Pressure decibar
pumpflow Pump Flow Pump flow in l/min l/min
rainfallrate Rainfall Rate Rainfall Rate mm/hr
rayleighwavedetectorhighpassfilter Rayleigh Wave Detector High Pass Filter Rayleigh Wave Detector High Pass Filter NA
redox Redox Redox V
relativebarometricpressure Relative Barometric Pressure Pressure: air, relative barometric hPa
relativehumidity Relative Humidity Humidity: relative %
resevoirvolume Resevoir Volume Reservoir Volume ml
roll Roll Roll deg
runtimesensor Runtime Sensor Runtime Sensor s
salinity Salinity Salinity psu
satellitecount Satellite Count Count: satellite Count
scientificcount Scientific Count Count: scientific data counter Count
seafloordepthbelowseasurface Seafloor depth below Sea Surface Seafloor depth below Sea Surface m
seaicetemperature Sea Ice Temperature Temperature: sea ice C
seawatertemperature Sea Water Temperature Temperature: sea water C
sedimentsurfacetemperature Sediment Surface Temperature Temperature: sediment surface C
sedimenttemperature Sediment Temperature Temperature: sediment C
shipcourse Ship Course Ship Course deg
sigmat Sigma-t Sigma-t kg/m3
sigmatheta Sigma-theta Sigma-theta kg/m3
signaltonoiseratio Signal to Noise Ratio Signal to Noise Ratio NA
significantwaveheight Significant Wave Height Wave Height: significant wave m
significantwaveperiod Significant Wave Period Wave Period: significant wave period s
snowthickness Snow Thickness Thickness: snow m
solarradiation Solar Radiation Solar Radiation W/m^2
soundpressurelevel Sound Pressure Level Sound Pressure Level Uncalibrated Amplitude
soundspeed Sound Speed Sound Speed: sound velocity sensor m/s
specificenthalpy Specific Enthalpy Specific Enthalpy kJ/kg
speedoverground Speed over Ground Speed over Ground m/s
srslicebalancebuoytemperature SRSL Ice Balance Buoy Temperature Temperature: air, snow, ice, sea water C
statuscode Status Code Status Code NA
targetpersistence Target Persistence Target Persistence s
tension Tension Tension N
thresholdwatcher Threshold Watcher Threshold Watcher NA
tilt Tilt Tilt: tilt sensor deg
timeout Timeout Timeout s
torque Torque Torque N���m
totalpressure Total Pressure Pressure: total depth pressure sensor decibar
transmission Transmission Transmission: transmission sensor %
trueheading True Heading True Heading deg
turbidityftu Turbidity FTU Turbidity: formazin turbidity units FTU
turbidityntu Turbidity NTU Turbidity: nephelometric turbidity units NTU
upwardirradianceofdetector Upward Irradiance of Detector Upward Irradiance of Detector W/m^2
utmzone UTM Zone UTM Zone: for longitude band, positive north NA
uvindex UV Index UV Index NA
vectordirection Vector Direction Current Direction: calculated deg
velocity Velocity Velocity m/s
ventfluidtemperature Vent Fluid Temperature Temperature: vent fluid C
voltage Voltage Voltage: voltage sensor V
wavedirectionatpeakperiod Wave Direction at Peak Period Wave Direction: wave direction at peak period deg
weightedthreshold Weighted Threshold Weighted Threshold NA
wetbulbtemperature Wet Bulb Temperature Temperature: wet bulb C
windchilltemperature Wind Chill Temperature Temperature: air, wind chill C
winddirection Wind Direction Wind Direction deg
winddirectioncorrectedbycompass Wind Direction Corrected by Compass Wind Direction: corrected by compass deg
winddirectionuncorrectedbycompass Wind Direction Uncorrected by Compass Wind Direction: uncorrected by compass deg
windspeed Wind Speed Wind Speed m/s
windspeedmax Wind Speed Maximum Wind Speed Maximum m/s
yaw Yaw Yaw deg
zoom Zoom Zoom Count
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