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Navigation Data

Source navigation files bundled as "zip". These data contain as received from the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or ship data provider.

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=ND


Source files vary in format depending on the ROV or ship data provider, and "zip" is the format of bundling the the source data. See below for the device specific parameters.

A generic unzipping application such as 7-zip or Keka can be used to open the zipped format into a folder of source files. The source files may require specific software for viewing or playing back files. 

Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension=zip

Device-specific Parameters

ROV Argus Navigation (DeviceID 23530):

Argus navigation data processed on the ship are bundled in a single zip file. This includes sampled, trimmed, and merged directories. These contain latitude, longitude, and depth re-sampled to 1 second intervals to provide a 3D navigation solution. The trimmed directory contain raw files trimmed to the dive interval. The sampled directory contains data simplified, filtered, and re-sampled with depth as negative down. The merged directory contains a trimmed and re-sampled 3D navigation solution with depth as positive down. Argus also has source data that is combined with data received for Hercules navigation in .HER and .NAV files. These files are archived with Hercules (DeviceID 23531) and will need to be downloaded separately.


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