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Nortek Time Series VPS Cast Data Product

Device-level data products for each cast of the VPS are described here.

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=NTSVC

Revision History

  1. 20120530: Initial Release


This data is available as a MAT, netCDF or PRF file.

Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension={mat,nc,prf}


VPS Cast data products produce one file or plot for each cast of the Vertical Profiler System (VPS). A cast is defined as a single pass through the water column. Possible values include 'Up', 'Down', 'Up - In Progress', 'Down - In Progress'. The VPS may pause at various levels throughout the water column to acquire data; this behaviour does not interrupt a cast. The up and down casts are kept separate because certain instruments will perform better on either. For instance, the CTD will sample undisturbed water on a down cast as its intake is near the bottom of the of VPS. Only entire casts will be reported, except in the case of a cast that is ongoing in real-time, i.e. an 'In Progress' cast. Please consult individual instruments' documentation for more information:

For each cast, a separate Nortek time series file will be produced. There is no difference between this data product and Nortek time series files, other than the file-name. The file-name will contain a device code followed by the file's start time and then a dash to indicate ancillary information that includes the cast direction and cast start and end times, for instance: nor400_20120101T000000Z-VPS_Cast_Up_from20120101T000000Z_to20120101T030000Z.mat. If a cast crosses midnight (which is not in the current schedule), or if there is some data interruption, there may be multiple files produced for a single cast. See the Nortek time series data products page for more information:


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