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Satlantic Radiometer Time Series VPS Cast Data Product

Device-level data products for each cast of the VPS are described here.

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=SRTSVC

Revision History

  1. 20120530: Initial Release


This data is available as a Satlantic RAW file, which may be read and viewed by Satlantic Software. For a full description, including the software, see the normal Satlantic Radiometer data product here.

Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension=raw


VPS Cast data products produce one file or plot for each cast of the Vertical Profiler System (VPS). A cast is defined as a single pass through the water column. Possible values include 'Up', 'Down', 'Up - In Progress', 'Down - In Progress'. The VPS may pause at various levels throughout the water column to acquire data; this behaviour does not interrupt a cast. Only entire casts will be reported, except in the case of a cast that is ongoing in real-time, i.e. an 'In Progress' cast. The up and down casts are kept separate because certain instruments will perform better on either. For instance, the CTD will sample undisturbed water on a down cast as its intake is near the bottom of the of VPS. Please consult individual instruments' documentation for more information: or

For each cast, at least one separate Satlantic Radiometer time series file will be produced. There is no difference between this data product and standard Satlantic Radiometer time series files, other than the file-name. The file-name will contain a device code followed by the start time and then a dash to indicate ancillary information where there will be the start and end times of the cast, for instance: satlanticRadiometerUpwelling_20120101T000000Z-VPS_Cast_Up_from20120101T000000Z_to20120101T030000Z.raw. If a cast crosses midnight (which is not in the current schedule), or if there is some data interruption, there may be multiple files produced for a single cast. See the Satlantic Radiometer time series data products page for more information^.^


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