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Satlantic ISUS Time Series

Satlantic ISUS time series data is the raw form of data produced by Satlantic ISUS-3 Nitrate-sensing devices, particularly the Nitrate Sensor on the VPS

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=SISUSTS


This data is available in a binary .raw format. A new file is started at the start of each day or when the driver is restarted (this should account for configuration changes, site changes, etc).


This format is the binary .raw ata files produced by the ISUSCom Satlantic data acquisition software. This file format can be interpreted by Satlantic post-processing software, which is the same as the acquisition software: ISUSCom. Refer to the Nitrate Sensor Documentation for further details.

Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension=raw

Software: Visit the Satlantic website to download and install the post-processing software. The latest tested version of the ISUSCom software is 2.1.1. If there are difficulties viewing the data with newer versions of the Satlantic software, please contact us for assistance (the best way to do that is to click on the blue question icon in the data search cart, step 3, which will trigger a support email with extra information for our support staff).


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  1. I am not sure whether recreating the manufacturer format from a Hex is considered as a data product?. I actually see this as one. If this is the case some content  on this process would be a useful addition to the data product page

  2. Content updated! HTH.