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Seismic Discrete Raw Data

Strong motion seismometers (accelerometers) that do not stream its raw waveform data to IRIS contain a local buffer for storing this data. Usually this raw waveform data is not archived in Oceans 2.0 due to insufficient bandwidth, which is currently the case for most land sites part of the Cascadia Earthquake Early Warning system. However, when data specialists or scientists require investigation of a particular detection or troubleshooting software or instrument issues, the raw waveform data is downloaded from this instrument via an FTP server and later archived in Oceans 2.0. The "Discrete Raw Seismic Data" format contains these files.

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=SEISDRAW

Revision History

  • 20190502: Initial release

Data Product Options

No options.


Files are available in either in .mseed or .seed formats, depending on the device. For information on these formats, refer to 102 section “Formats”.

Compared to data product 120 (Seismometer Data), discrete raw seismic data is not currently being sent to IRIS, but only stored in the archives in Oceans 2.0. In the future, this might change (in which case it will be stored under network For more information on seismological data manipulation, please refer to and, among other tools.

Oceans 2.0 API filterextension=mseed OR seed


Sample for download: or


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