Imagenex Raw Data

This is a description of the raw files obtained by the Imagenex 837A multibeam sonar mounted on ROPOS. These files do not contain positional navigation data. Latitude, longitude, pitch, roll and heading data are added in post-processing and are available in the .837 files.

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Revision History

  1. 2012-10-02: Manufacturer .raw format released


Imagenex Raw Data (.raw)

These .raw files are the original unaltered Imagenex .837 files renamed to .raw. The files were renamed to avoid confusion with the .837 files that have navigation imbedded by post-processing. Navigation was obtained from ROPOS navigation device (23239). There is one .837 file for every .raw file in the archive. To make use of the .raw files, users will need to manually integrate navigation data. Following that, data may be post-processed and gridded using software such as CARIS HIPS and SIPS. A step-by-step guide is available upon request "Processing the Imagenex Files.pdf" to help with this process, see our contact us page.

Surveyed offsets for the creation of a vessel file are attached to this page: ROPOSImagenexSurveyMay2012.xls.

Sound speed profile data may be obtained from the Valeport miniSVS (23326).

See the data products page on Imagenex .837 files for more information.

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