After a long weather delay, we finally completed our last two dives of this cruise on 23 May 2010 at Barkley Canyon. 

h3. Temperature Probe Retrieval

The first dive commenced at sunrise, with ROPOS carrying a newly-devised "tool tray" to the gas hydrates outcrops in Barkley Canyon. Our dive goals (both accomplished) were to retrieve a string of temperature probes and collect a couple of scoops of clam shells from the seabed. The temperature probes, which were [originally deployed|blogs:/2009/09/11/Temp Probes Installed -- Wally Rescued] to a gas hydrates outcrop in Barkley Canyon on 9 September 2009, had to be recovered to adjust measurement accuracy levels. The clam shells will be used to further research into patterns and processes of carbonate shell breakdown in different marine environments.

h3. Benthic Pod 2 Deployment


Our final dive of the cruise commenced in the afternoon, as we raced to deploy and connect our final instrument platform before ship time ran out. Fortunately, we were able to complete the installation, and now all Barkley Benthic Pods have been recovered, refurbished and redeployed. 

h4. Barkley Benthic Pod 2

|| October 2009 \\ || May 2010 \\ ||
| * Kongsberg Mesotech Rotary Sonar \\
* RDI Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler ADCP (600KHz) \\
* low-light black & white video camera \\
* sediment trap | * Kongsberg Mesotech Rotary Sonar \\
* RDI Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler ADCP (600KHz) \\
* low-light black & white video camera {color:#ff6600}{*}missing 1 light{*}{color} \\
* sediment trap \\
* {color:#ff6600}{*}Nortek Aquadopp High Resolution Current Profiler{*}{color}|

h3. Photos
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