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Currently for hydrophone spectral probability density plot (PNGPDF and MAT) data products only:

This option will cause files or plots to break (the current file/plot is stopped and a new one created) as specified. Generally, weekly means the break occurs at midnight every Sunday. This is the default for spectral probability density plots. Daily means the break will occur every day at midnight. Yearly and Monthly breaks occur on midnight of the respective year/month, meaning that some months may have more days than others. The "None (break on configuration changes only)" option, means just that: no file/plot break unless there's a configuration change, which can be sample rate or some other primary factor in the data acquisition that makes the data incompatible to be collated.

File-name mode field

Data products generated may have a file mode modifier added to their file names of the format. For spectral probability density plots, they will be "-WEEKLY", "-DAILY", "-MONTHLY", "-YEARLY" and nothing added for the "None" option.

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