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Plots and metadata reports are offered in PDF format. The standard reader for which is Adobe Reader. Alternatives should work just fine, however we only test with Adobe Reader. Here's an example PDF from the COVIS multibeam sonar at Endeavour:


There are several advantages to viewing plots in PDF format, including high resolution due to vector graphics and collation of many plots into one document that can be scrolled through quickly. For example, a data search request for one year of RDI or Nortek daily current plots will create 352 PNG files or one PDF.


Embedded graphics in some PDFs in some readers on some computers may appear to be of poor quality, they . However, this is likely an issue with the software settings in the PDF reader being used. To address this issue in Adobe Reader follow these instructions:

In Reader, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Page Display. Uncheck use 2D graphics acceleration, then you can uncheck smooth images, smooth line art, enhance thin lines.

Regardless, the PDFs will look great when printed. Almost all PDF files will be vector format so that users may zoom to infinity without seeing pixels.

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