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Client libraries provide quick, easy and consistent access to Oceans 2.0 API, in popular scientific programming languages.

These libraries provide a class with methods that wrap web service calls, complex workflows, and business logic so that users can discover and download data (raw, text, image, audio, video or any other available) in a single line of code.

They are all free projects, published under Open Source licenses:

LanguageLatest library versionRepositoryLicense


2.3.5 (12/12/2019)PyPIApache 2


2.01.21 (1229/1201/20192020)

File ExchangeBSD 2


2.0.0 (12/12/2019)


If this is your first time using these client libraries, we suggest you visit the Installation and Getting started pages.

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Methods summary

Discovery methods

Search for available locations, deployments, device categories, devices, properties, and data products.


getLocations (filters)

Returns a filtered list of locations

getLocationHierarchy (filters)

Returns a filtered tree of locations with their children

getDeployments (filters)

Returns a filtered list of deployments

getDeviceCategories (filters)

Returns a filtered list of device categories

getDevices (filters)

Returns a filtered list of devices

getProperties (filters)

Returns a filtered list of properties

getDataProducts (filters)

Returns a filtered list of data products

Data product download methods

Order the generation and download of more than 120 different types of ONC data products, with your own configuration.



orderDataProduct (filters, maxRetries, downloadResultsOnly, includeMetadataFile)

Request, run and download a data product

requestDataProduct (filters)

Request a data product

runDataProduct (dpRequestId, waitComplete)

Run a data product request

downloadDataProduct (runId, maxRetries, downloadResultsOnly, includeMetadataFile, overwrite) 

Download an available data product

Near real-time data access methods

Extract sensor data as time-series, either as processed scalar data or as raw data directly from the device.



getDirectByLocation (filters, allPages)

Obtain scalar data readings from a device category in a location
getDirectByDevice (filters, allPages)Obtain scalar data readings from a device

getDirectRawByLocation (filters, allPages)

Obtain raw data readings from a device category in a location

getDirectRawByDevice (filters, allPages)

Obtain raw data readings from a device

Archive file download methods

Download previously generated data product files from our archive.



getListByLocation (filters, allPages)

Get a list of archived files for a device category in a location

getListByDevice (filters, allPages)

Get a list of archived files for a device

getFile (filename, overwrite)

Download a file with the given filename
getDirectFiles (filters, overwrite, allPages)Download a list of archived files that match the filters provided

Utility methods

Methods included as convenience shortcuts for end users.


print (collection, filename)

Prints collections in a format easier to read

formatUtc (dateString)

Formats the provided date string to meet ISO8601


The latest library version works with the current version of Oceans 2.0 Web API.

New versions are created to resolve known client library issues, add new functionality or handle changes to the underlying Web Services.

Please report all issues with the web services, documentation and client libraries to the Oceans 2.0 Help Centre.