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  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem with archivefiles methods when filtering by extension and the query returned no rows
  • New feature: The token provided is now sanitized to avoid typos and copy-paste related issues when creating the onc object
  • New feature: New real-time methods added after the latest API update: getDirectByLocation() and getDirectByDevice(). They allow to download scalar data either using a location and device category code or a device code. getDirectByScalar() is only kept for backwards compatibility and will be deprecated in the future.
  • New feature: Added the helper method formatUtc() to facilitate the creation of ISO8601 UTC strings.
  • Bugfix: After a bugfix in the underlying API, data product delivery methods now can download metadata files even when they are not instantly ready.
  • Bugfix: Solved a cosmetic bug when printing messages on skipped downloaded files.
  • Bugfix: Solved a bug that affected repeated calls of archive file methods when the "extension" filter was used.
  • Change: The methods getListByLocation() and getListByDevice() now receive all their filters in a single parameter, to be consistent with all the other class methods.
  • Completed the current cycle of redesign, refactorization and feature completion. Current functionality now enters a maintenance phase.
  • New feature: (scalardata, rawdata, archivefiles) When downloading multiple pages of data, verbose progress messages and an estimate of pages / completion time are printed
  • When downloading files, status codes now appear as a human-readable string: 200 "completed", 40x "error", or "skipped" when an existing file was not overwritten
  • Bugfix: Solved an error when manually downloading a data product using downloadDataProduct() with downloadResultsOnly=True
  • Bugfix: Solved a problem where the extension filter in archivefiles methods would match filenames with extensions that ended in the filter, instead of exactly matching it.
  • Bugfix: (orderDataProduct) Now handles cases when the API doesn't return the "estimatedProcessingTime"
  • If a file to download already exists, it won't be re-downloaded and an exception won't be raised anymore (you can re-download files adding the parameter overwrite=True)
  • ONC class properties (outPath, token, showInfo) are now directly editable
  • New feature: real-time methods (getDirectScalar, getDirectRaw) and archivefile methods (getListByLocation, getListByDevice, getDirectFiles) will automatically download all pages when the rowLimit (100,000 results) is exceeded. The result will contain the concatenated data.
  • New feature: archivefile methods now support the artificial filter "extension" which will filter returned file lists by extension (ej: "extension": "mp3" will return a list of mp3 files)
  • getDirectFiles now properly downloads the files it finds (the originally desired behavior), and returns a Dictionary with the download information for each file (if you only need a file list, use getListByLocation or getListByDevice instead)
  • Bugfix: The ONC class now supports an empty outPath
  • Various minor bugfixes
  • Bugfix: Message that prints the requested url lacked a "?" symbol
  • Refactorization: ONC is now a wrapper for internal classes that group functionality for discovery, delivery, real time and archive file requests.
  • Python 2 support dropped in preparation to the upcoming official end of life of Python 2.
  • Removed deprecated methods
  • Returned true/false values now are always of type boolean
  • ONC class' outPath default value is now "output"
  • Errors now raise a Python exception. The exception argument contains detailed information of the error. Scripts with error will terminate on unhandled exceptions automatically.
  • ONC's maxRetries supports the value "0" for no max limit
  • orderDataProduct(), getFile() and getDirectFiles() now have the "overwrite" boolean argument. When overwrite is True, downloaded files will overwrite existing files with the same name.
  • orderDataProduct() response structure was updated according to the current responses of the API
  • getListByLocation() and getListByDevice() now receive all filters in the filters parameter.
  • getListByLocation() and getListByDevice() support the extra filter "extension"
  • Lots of refactorization
  • Various code improvements to deal with an issue that would throw an InsecureRequestWarning in certain configurations.
  • Added timeout parameter to the onc class constructor
  • Solved a bug that would prevent the onc package from updating the code
  • Added new archivefile API wrapper functions: getListByLocation(), getListByDevice(), getFile()
  • Updated the PyPI deployment scripts to accommodate new PyPI requirements
  • Added Apache 2.0 license (package previously licensed as both Apache 2.0 and MIT)
  • All package versions can be downloaded from the PyPI project at
  • Added to demonstrate use of discovery services
  • Added to demonstrate use of archivefiles service
  • Updated getDirectFiles() for changes in archivefiles service
  • Updated user test case scripts for change of begin/end to dateFrom/dateTo
  • Added UserTestCase_EMP_UTC*.py scripts to demonstrate use of client library functions
  • Updated getDirectScalar*() functions for changes in scalardata service
  • Added getLocationHerarchy() function to access getTree method of locations service
  • Changed string testing for compatibility with Python V2
  • Added getDirectRawBy*() functions for changes in rawdata service
  • Updated orderDataProduct() function to handle estimatedProcessingTime string format
  • Updated downloadDataProduct() function to throttle calls using onc.callsPerSecond when downloadResultsOnly=True
1.1808/23/2017Added getDeployments() function.Updated QA url from to production url to https.
1.1708/15/2017Added file parameter defult to the download() function.
1.1608/11/2017Rename 'parameters' parameter to 'filters' in all applicable ONC class functions
1.1508/03/2017Updated production url from to
1.1408/01/2017Resolved issue with getDataProductUrls method.
1.1307/31/2017Renamed getJsonFromUrl() function to decodeJsonFromUrl().
1.1206/23/2017Refactored scalar and raw data access methods.Removed print methods for testing services.Renamed private functions.Added numpy references.
1.1106/13/2017Removed unused numpy dependency.Added python-dateutil dependency to package.
1.106/12/2017Rename onc.dap.DAP class to onc.dap.ERDDAP.
1.006/09/2017Alpha version.