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Release notes summaries on this page:

2016 Release Notes

2015 Release Notes


  • On the Device Details page, main tab, a link has been added called Instrument Point People Group. It lists who from each department is responsible for that instrument.
  • State of the Environment plots are now updated automatically using a recurring scheduled job.
  • Added support for the Campbell Sci Data logger to be installed on ferries.
  • Added support for the Pump and Valve Control System (PVCS) for the ferries.
  • Added support for autonomous temperature sensors to be used at Endeavour.
  • Created a page in Oceans 2.0 (not in to display real time data for the Campbell River Maritime Heritage Museum. This includes the latest underwater video and sensor readings.
  • Continued development of methods to search for data programmatically, including methods to discover where data of a certain type exists if you are not already familiar with ONC's instruments and their locations. This feature is still under development.