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Wally the crawler now sits among hydrate outcrops 867m below sea level. He's tethered to the Barkley Hydrates instrument platform by a 70m extension cable festooned with flotation blocks to keep it off the seafloor and away from Wally's tractor treads.

Wally's equipment includes:

  • conductivity-temperature-pressure gauge
  • webcam and lights
  • methane sensor
  • compass

After transporting Wally to the seafloor, ROPOS set out markers around a hydrate mound and along a pathway to be followed over the coming months and years. Then ROPOS unwound the extension cable and connected it to the instrument platform. This platform also connects, via a 1430m extension cable, to our Barkley Canyon Axis instrument platform.

We have yet to test Wally in operation, but hope to have an opportunity to power him up and go for a test drive sometime soon!

titleWally's Ocean Adventure Begins