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This data product is very similar to the Cast Profile plots, documented here: 56. The major difference is that each profile within the image is for one cast and one sensor. This data product is currently constrained to aligned and depth binned sensors on Community Fishers casting devices (CTD, oxygen sensor, fluorometer), and will only display the four major ocean properties: Temperature, Practical Salinity, Chlorophyll and Oxygen Saturation. An example of a Cast Scalar Multi-ProfilePplot is available belowProfilePlot can be seen below as figure 1.

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=CSMPP

Figure 1. Example of device level cast scalar multi-profile plot


If the requested search range does not contain any data a plot is created with "Missing Data Detected" displayed in each profile plot. These "Missing Data Detected" plots are generated for each deployment in the search range. An example of this type of missing data plot can be seen below as figure 2.

Figure 2. Example of "Missing Data Detected" plot