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Data files for Kongsberg Mesotech Rotary Sonar instruments are described here. In the sweep mode, the sonar does a 360 degrees sweep of the nearby water and seabed. For SCAN mode, see this page.

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=KSWDP

Revision History


This data product has been tested mostly with MS 1000 version 4.51, while the new version, 5.2, also tests well. Historic data has been reprocessed and sweep SMB files should be fully available. If a data search returns with 'No data found' when the data availability shows that there is data, please contact us and we will be happy to investigate.

Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension=smb

Viewing SMB Files


Previous versions of the MS1000 software did not directly support the high sample rate that our rotary sonars operate at. To make older versions work, right-click on the image and select 'Fit Image To Screen'. To avoid doing this every time, best to "Save Settings" when prompted while closing the software.

In some cases, the software does not update the image promptly. Wiggle your mouse and the display will update. (It appears to be a limitation of the software and graphical capability of one's computer, we're investigating.) The fast forward function of the software is very useful to view a large amount of data quickly.


Additional tuples for heading, location maybe added in the future.

Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension=mat


The PNG / PDF plot data products mirror the display of the Kongsberg MS1000 software, but break each rotation into separate plots so that no data is overwritten or has to be averaged. The raw backscatter amplitude is plotted as contained in the MAT file: 16 bit data ranges from 0 to 65535, 8 bit ranges from 0 to 255. The backscatter data is not calibrated. For each source SMB file, there are two types of plots returned: a plot of the sonar pointing / heading angle as a function of time (called 'SonarAngle') and multiple backscatter polar plots (called 'Backscatter'). The SonarAngle plot has numbered annotations showing the start of each corresponding numbered Backscatter plot. In the examples below, the SonarAngle plot shows that five Backscatter plots will be created for this SMB source file. The PDF version of this data product will group this plots into a single PDF file with multiple pages. Please note that these examples are of test tank data; real data looks much better.


The algorithms for detecting each rotation and for making the plots are somewhat complex. Contact us if you are interested in the source code for these plots, which would be useful for analyzing the data from the MAT files.

Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension={png,pdf}


The GIF is an animation of the PNG plots seen above excluding the sonar pointing / heading angle as a function of time plot. The GIF plots are broken up daily so they run through every PNG in a day.

 Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension=gif


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