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You can search for detailed information about instruments, sensors and devices through Device Search, Sensor Listing and Device Listing pages.

Quick Instructions (Device Details)

  1. Open Device Search
  2. Choose the regional observatoryClick on the Region drop-down then select the region you are interested in, e.g., NEPTUNE, VENUS, ARCTIC Narrow Northeast Pacific, Strait of Georgia, Saanich Inlet etc. 
  3. For larger installations, you may wish to narrow your search further by choosing a Location, Device Category, Security Tier or Principal Investigator.
  4. Click Search Devices - this takes you to the Results tab, where the first 15 results are displayed (Click on Next to view more)
  5. You can optionally click on a column heading to sort devices further. Click individual instruments For example, click on the Category column to sort by instrument category
  6. Click on the ID hyperlink for detailed information about them.a specific instrument. (see figure, below)
  7. If you need help with a particular instrument, or want to report a problem, contact the appropriate instrument point person.
  • Access to detailed information varies, depending on your NEPTUNE Canada user permissions. If you need access to information that is not being displayed for you, Let us know.
  • Some information may be missing or outdated. If you spot incorrect or out-of-date information, please notify us.

Device Search





  • Observatory (VENUS or NEPTUNE Canada)
  • Region (Use "North East Pacific" for NEPTUNE Canada devices currently in the water.)
  • Location (Main node locations within the observatory network.)
  • Device category (A wide variety of scientific and engineering device categories.)
  • Device ID (Unique ID number assigned to each individual device.)
  • Device name
  • IP address
  • DNS name
  • Engineering ID (Distinct from the device ID.)
  • Serial number
  • Security tier (Low, medium or high, as defined by our defence partners.)
  • Principal investigator(One scientist is designated as the "PI" for each device.)

To search for devices, choose the filters listed above to narrow your search, then click Search Devices. The results of your search will appear on the Results tab of this page.

You can always click back to the Query Parameters tab to revise your search.

Device Details

When you find the instrument or device you're looking for, click it's the Id number for detailed information about it: