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This option allows the user to select automatic or fixed limits for ADCP daily current plots. The limits are on the colour axis of the daily current plots for either horizontal currents (East u, North v) or vertical currents (Up w) and are symmetric about zero (to support the diverging colour map, maintaining zero as white). The fixed limits have the benefit of being consistent from plot to plot, while the automatic limits can very. The automatic limit does attempt to maintain stable, suitable limits; the limit is selected from the same set of fixed limits that is available to the user by finding the limit that is greater than or equal the 90th percentile of one-side horizontal or vertical current data.


Selecting a limit option other than 'Automatic (10th to 90th percentile)' or 'Automatic (no clipping, rounded up to nearest 5 cm/s)' will append to the file-name a '-Limit', following by the two limits selected, without the decimal point or trailing zeros. If one of the limits is automaticAutomatic (10th to 90th percentile), 'Auto' will appear. If one of the limits is Automatic (no clipping, rounded up to nearest 5 cm/s), AutoNoSat will appear. Examples: '-Limit0105', '-Limit021', '-Limit05Auto', '-LimitAuto5', '-LimitAutoNoSat5'.