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  • Ensemble Averaging, Bin-mapping, Three-beam Solutions and Filtering Options For RDI ADCPs

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This option allows the user to control the RDI correlation screening step. The default value retains the previous behaviour of ONC data products: a threshold of 64 counts. Beam-velocities that have associated correlation values lower than this threshold are are masked / screened to NaN values. Only available on Instrument or Beam co-ordinate data. The WC command configures this value on-board the device which is then used for on-board processing (Earth co-ordinate data only). ONC data products can use the WC set value to match winADCP output or the user can override it.

File-name mode field

If a value other than the default is used, a '-corr'<value> will be appended to the file-name, where <value> is the value of the option matching the API filter.