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A.G.O. Temperature Probes

Four temperature probes were installed in the vicinity of a hydrate mound at Barkley Canyon. The purpose of the study was to measure how temperature can affect the formation, dissociation and other processes related to the methane hydrates at Barkley.

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CORK Temperature Sensor

NEPTUNE Canada is collaborating with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) to implement continuous monitoring from several of their CORK instruments. The CORK temperature sensors are distributed along a 200m cable extending from the CORK wellhead down through the borehole. For detailed description of the temperature sensors, see the related IODP report.

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RAS Water Sampler Temperature Sensor

Temperatures recorded by the Remote-Access Water Sampler (RAS) show how hot hydrothermal vent effluent is compared to surrounding sea water.

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