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Differential Pressure Gauges

Instrument Point People

Guralp Broadband Seismometer Ocean Bottom System (OBS)

The Guralp Systems' Ocean Bottom System (OBS) is a multi-sensor unit comprising:

  • a CMG-5T triaxial true broadband feedback strong motion (+/-2g) accelerometer
  • a CMG-1T triaxial true broadband (360s-50Hz) feedback seismometer
  • a CMG-EAM enhanced acquisition and communications module
  • GSL's 'Virtual Sphere' microprocessor-controlled orientation and levelling system

All components of the Ocean Bottom System (OBS) are encased in a cast titanium sphere capable of 3000m deployment. A submersible 25-pin provides inputs for an external Nortek Current Meter and a Differential Pressure Gauge.

Above: Guralp Ocean Bottom System (OBS) is a cast titanium sphere that encases the broadband seismometer and accelerometer instruments.

Auxiliary Platform

A Nortek Current Meter and a Differential Pressure Gauge comprise the "Auxiliary Platform" of the Broadband Seismometer system.This auxiliary platform holds a back-up battery to power the seismometer in event of a power outage. Additionally, the Nortek Aquadopp current meter and a differential pressure gauge can be used to help seismologists detect and remove current, tides and wave signatures from seismic data.

Above: Differential Pressure Gauge. Click to enlarge photo.

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