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Bottom Pressure Recorders (BPR)

Instrument Point People

The units, which are custom-designed by researchers at Natural Resources Canada's GSC Pacific facility in Sidney, BC, include sensors for pressure (at 1Hz) and temperature. They can detect pressure changes of 100 ppb (equivalent to 0.4mm of water). The data recorded by BPR may provide useful information to Canadian scientists and the Pacific Tsunami Warking Network.

Bottom Pressure Recorders installed with Short Period Seismometers

In September 2011, a BPR instrument was installed at Endeavour RC North with a Short Period Seismometer (SPS). The logging units of the BPR share the can and the battery with the SPS electronics. The Paroscientific Pressure Gauge sits in its own pressure housing and has a connector to the SPS can. This combined BPR/SPS system will also be installed at Endeavour Mothra in Summer 2013.


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  2. what is the data format of  Bottom Pressure Recorders' output ?

  3. Is there anyone who can answer my question?

    1. Hi, Dongzhi. BPR data can be downloaded via Oceans 2.0 in .MAT, .CSV, .PNG, .PDF and .TXT formats.