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Please comment here with your reactions to and requests for improvements to our software tools, especially those in our Data Explorer.

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  1. Unknown User (dwowens)

    Data & Collaboration Tools for Scientists

    The following tools are now available for scientists working within research teams:

    1. Wiki Project Team Spaces (These appear in the left navigation menu after you log in)
      • Discussion fora
      • Document sharing
    2. Shared Calendar (We're encouraging scientists to add events to this calendar.)
    3. Issue Tracking & Reporting (To report issues, use JIRA)
    4. Instrument information (click Browse... then Instruments)
    5. Data and Data Product Search (click Browse... then Data Search)
      • Search by instrument type
      • Search by location
      • Search by network topology
      • Search by project
    6. Personal FTP folders
    7. Plotting Utility (click Browse... then Plotting Utility)
    8. Interactive through-the-web camera control (click Browse... then Camera Control. Camera sessions are scheduled through NEPTUNE Canada.)
    9. Streaming Installation Videos (click Browse... then ROPOS Dive Videos. Scientists are encouraged to add annotations to these videos)