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Our Spring 2010 installation & maintenance cruise has commenced! For this cruise, we're sailing aboard the CCGS John P. Tully, May 8-25 2010. (Cruise info, video & links.)

On the first day of the cruise, both the CCGS Tully and ROPOS underwent operations tests in Saanich Inlet, then we sailed to the VENUS Straight of Georgia site to help diagnose a power problem with the VENUS Delta Dynamics Laboratory. Along the way, NEPTUNE Canada technicians fine-tuned instrument riggings as we traveled the scenic waters of the Salish Sea.

Late in the evening, we set course for ODP 889, – an 18-hr transit to the western side of Vancouver Island. There we need to replace the ODP 889 instrument platform, deploy an accessory platform for the ODP 889 seismometer, recover the Seafloor Compliance Apparatus and deploy a multibeam sonar at Bullseye Vent.