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With crews of R/V Thompson and ROPOS, we have deployed an instrument platform dubbed "Barkley Benthic Pod 1" to a spot in the depths of Barkley Canyon, 984m below the surface. This operation included laying a cable from the instrument platform up-slope to connect with our instrument platform in the Barkley Hydrates study location.

The first task was lowering the Remotely Operated Cable Laying System (ROCLS) with cable spool to the seafloor, using the Thompson's crane and winch. Once positioned, acoustic releases connecting the winch cable to the ROCLS assembly were sent an acoustic signal, commanding them to release ROCLS. Then the winch cable was recovered.

Next, ROPOS was attached to Benthic Pod 1 and deployed. ROPOS carried the instrument platform to the seafloor, placed it, set up measuring poles for the camera, deployed the hydrophone ~10m away from the platform, lifted the rotary sonar into an upright position, and plugged the cable connector into the platform.

After these tasks were finished, ROPOS connected to ROCLS (which was resting on the seafloor), and laid the 1430m-long spool of cable. Finally, they attached the far end of the cable to our Barkley Hydrates platform.

This was indeed a very productive and interesting dive!