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Our Vertical Profiler System (VPS) was lowered by crane to the seafloor early this morning. Exact geo-coordinates: -126.174095W; 48.427253; depth: 396m.

ROPOS then dove down to plug the VPS in via an extension cable connected to our nearby instrument platform on Barkley Slope.

In the afternoon and evening, the VPS was powered up and communications established with its instruments. We hope to test deployment of the float during an upcoming ROPOS dive.


  1. Anonymous

    The picture described as the "Bioluminescent creature observed at 135m in the water column" looks to me to be an abandoned mucous "house" produced by a larvacean.  The structures in the upper right portion appear to be the coarse filters that it uses to block out large material.  Once the house becomes clogged, the larvacean swims out and constructs a new one.


    John D.

    1. Unknown User (dwowens) AUTHOR

      Thanks for that comment, John. Here, also, is a related story on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute website: "Sinkers" provide missing piece in deep-sea puzzle.