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Our 5th node was successfully deployed this morning. It is sitting in 2323m of water at 47.57.5021 north latitude and 129.02.1263 west longitude. All four ports were tested from our shore station, and functioned properly. Three short-haul science ports were tested using a junction box strapped onto ROPOS. A fourth long-haul extension port was tested using a test bench aboard the Thompson.

This node will remain alone in its position near Endeavour Ridge until next year, when we return to deploy numerous instruments for studying everything from hot vent ecology to plate tectonics.


  1. The wide angle, view from behind, photo of Dan and Kim at the ROPOS consoles will become a classic, I'm sure.

  2. Dwight - if you can get a few more photos from this angle with some bottom scenery in view rather than ROPOS' gauges, that would be swell. Such as...... the deployed VPS or Wally with hydrates, etc