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Three cheers for our instrument reps Paul Macoun and Jonathan Lee, the crews of the R/V Atlantis, ROPOS and the guys working at our Port Alberni Shore Station!

Two important instrument platforms have been installed and tested in Barkley Canyon:

  • The Barkley hydrates platform holds the junction box that will service Wally the Crawler.
  • The Barkley slope platform is positioned in the area where the continental shelf begins to slope downward into the deep sea. Co-located with our Vertical Profiler System, this platform holds a CTD (Conductivity-Temperature-Depth) sensor, an ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler), a hydrophone and a bottom pressure recorder.

The installation team connected these platforms to the two extension cables (see their respective locations on this map), and were able to power them up from the shore station, via the Barkley Canyon Node. Data were gathered from several instruments.