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Welcome to the Pressure Chamber!

A variety of specialized instruments to monitor pressure, temperature, and other parameters are providing insights into a wide variety of processes active in both the ocean above and Earth's crust below the NEPTUNE Canada seafloor network.

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Bottom pressure recorders (BPRs) connected to NEPTUNE Canada are providing researchers a unique and detailed realtime view of ocean tides and waves, while pressure recorders sounding the crust via instrumented boreholes are yielding unique information about seismogenesis, and about ways that the crust and ocean are mutually linked. These instruments are capable of resolving sea-level displacements as small as 1/10th of a millimetre, and temperature variations as small as a fraction of a millidegree.

The goal of this blog will be to share, with a series of short articles, some interesting observations and insights by some of the scientists watching the ocean and earth through BPR-glasses.

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About Earl

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Earl Davis

Earl Davis is a geophysicist whose research has focused on marine heat flow and hydrogeology, using observations of formation temperature and fluid pressure to quantify the flow of heat and water through the rocks and sediments below the ocean floor, and to study seismic processes and active crustal deformation.

About Rick

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Rick Thomson

Rick Thomson is a physical oceanographer with a wide range of interests in many aspects of marine research ranging from the bio-physics of hydrothermal venting regimes, to the generation and propagation of tsunamis and storm surges, to the dynamics of coastal upwelling regions, and the paleoclimate of western North America.

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