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Previously, some people did not want Low-Pass Filtered (LPF) and High-Pass Filtered (HPF) data files when they downloaded hydrophone data. The data product option to filter them out "Hydrophone Data Diversion Mode" was always available, however, there is a small subset of un-labelled diverted files that were getting past the data product option's filter, until May 2018 that is. At that time, the filter was improved and the "Original Data" option became the default, instead of "All". The instructions below to remove the unwanted files from their collection are for users who downloaded a large data set with the "All" option or downloaded hydrophone data prior to May 2018.

Avoid Downloading Filtered Data

When you first download hydrophone acoustic data, you can avoid downloading HPF (high-pass filtered) and LPF (low-pass filtered) data by selecting the original data option at the bottom of the data selection page of Oceans 2.0:

If you are using the Oceans 2.0 API, you can specify dpo_hydrophoneDataDiversionMode=OD to choose original data files.

If you already have files you don't want...

If you have previously downloaded a data set and it contains LPF and HPF filtered data, you can follow these steps to remove the filtered data:

How to remove LPF and HPF data from an acoustic data set