The Device Details page provides detailed information about a selected instrument or infrastructure device.

Click the tabs along the top to access information about the device:

  • General - (General information about the device)
  • Sensor - (Individual sensors belonging to the device.)
  • Ip - (IP address of the device.)
  • Electrical Rating - (Voltage, current and power information.)
  • Data Rating - (Data sampling info.)
  • Nameplate - (Text written on the device nameplate.)
  • Port - (Port connecting the device to the network.)
  • Physical Characteristics - (Physical characteristics of the device – not always provided.)
  • Device Action (History of actions performed on the device.)
  • Site - (Listing of all sites the device has occupied since delivery to NEPTUNE Canada.)
  • Additional Attributes - (Additional information – varies by instrument.)
  • Workflow
  • SeaScript
  • Parser Definition
  • Resource Role

Within many of the Device Details tabs, additional details can be be accessed by clicking information links.


Click Sensor Id links to move to the Sensor Maintenance page for each sensor on an instrument:

Electrical Rating

Click Electrical Rating Id links to see electrical rating information about the device:


Click Nmaeplate Id links to see the contents on the device nameplate:

Device Port

Click Device Port Id links to see details about the port the device is connected to:

Device Action

Click Device Action Id links to see details about all actions performed on or with a device:


The Device Event tab lists all events for a device, including actions, IP configurations, site positions and device & sensor attribute settings. Click the Id links for details on each individual event.


The Site tab lists all sites where a device has been located, including our Marine Technology Centre (MTC) integration lab and aboard ship, during maintenance operations.

Click the Site links for details about the site and a listing of other co-located devices.

Additional Attributes

Click the Additional Attributes tab for a listing of any additional settings or attributes pertaining to the instrument. (Not available for all devices.)


The Workflow tab shows the assigned workflows to the device.