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Oceans 2.0 API

The Oceans 2.0 API lets you programmatically discover locations, devices, deviceCategories, properties and dataProducts via web service calls. Information returned by these calls can be used to request data via the dataProductDelivery service.

Each data product has a unique code and one or more supported extensions. The code and extension must combined to request a data product, using the dataProductDelivery service. Additional Data Product Options required for the data product can be defined using filters, with some options requiring additional filters.

The data product code can be used as a filter on the:

  • locations service to find all locations where the data product can be requested.
  • devices service to find devices for which the data product can be requested.
  • dataProducts service to return additional metadata about the data product.


Sample Code

Python Client LibraryRyan Ross16-Aug-19
MATLAB Client LibraryRyan Ross26-Apr-19
Research Use CaseRyan Ross23-May-18
Request Data ProductRyan Ross23-Apr-18
Request Near Real-Time DataRyan Ross26-Sep-17


 Python Code
 R Code

Request Data ProductRyan Ross23-Apr-18

Use Cases

Research Use CaseRyan Ross23-May-18
Ouranos Use CaseAllan Rempel25-Apr-18
Bird Studies Canada Use CaseAllan Rempel24-Apr-18
Internal Use CaseRyan Ross24-Apr-18

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