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  • Uses the Oceans 3.0 API web services described here: Oceans 3.0 API Home
  • See below tree structure:
  • Each tree item is expandable: displays parameter fields, some default/examples, links to documentation, response field and URL links

Discovery Services: Locations

  • Just use the default settings and hit "Try"

  • results will be returned as following options:
    • JSON formatted response to copy and paste
    • CURL  - URL response to use in script or browser to query programmatically

Discovery Services: Data Products

  • The response field can be adjusted (expand/compress with corners; scroll within the response field) to view all data products and their available options.

Data Delivery Services

Request data product (LF - logfile; extension: txt) from CTD at NCBC

  • Once all required parameters are filled in (* indicated) data product options can be filtered (see arrow)
  • The return field indicates the approx. time for the request to run and the file size to be expected from this data request
  • The dpRequestId is utilized in the next step

Run data product request(LF - logfile; extension: txt) from CTD at NCBC

  • https://data.oceannetworks.ca/OpenAPI#get-/dataProductDelivery-run
  • The page prefills the dpRequestId from your previous step.

  • You can re-run any requests multiple times by filling in the appropriate dpRequestId. 

  • Notes:
    • the dpRunId is utilized in next step
    • the status indicates the process state: queued, completed (hit Try to update status)
    • fileCount: indicates how many files to be downloaded

Download data product

  • The page prefills the dpRunId from your previous step.
  • The index indicates the file number to download: 1 to the number of result files. If index is string meta, metadata file will be downloaded.
  • The data product will be automatically downloaded from your browser. It can take a while for the download to complete – be patient.

How to get from Oceans3.0 Plotting utility to the scalar data

See this video clip for some guidance:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1S7-jFsQv3shwDvi9zZ5YdL2clWtYYwlS?usp=drive_link

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