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For hydrophone spectral data PNG/PDF plots: 

For hydrophone spectral data MAT file data products:

Collate Daily

The spectrogram collation option allows users to group/collate spectral data into PNG/PDF plots and data (MAT) files. For plots, daily spectrograms are available, while the data files can be daily or unlimited duration collations. Spectral data is assembled into 1-minute box car averages (no overlap), accounting for the logarithmic scale of the data. The other options have an effect on this process as well: if multiple acquisition modes, channels, diversion or source file type data is present in the collation, these will be separated into different files so that dissimilar data is not combined.

Collate (Until File Size Limits Reached)

This is the default option for spectral MAT data files and is not available for PNG/PDF spectrogram plots. Data is accumulated/collated as much as possible, barring file size limits and frequency range compatibility.

None (One FIle For Every Source Audio File)

This is the default option for PNG/PDF spectrogram plots. This option will cause the accumulation/collation step to be skipped and one file for each source wav, hyd or fft file will be returned, often directly from the archive (Spectral MAT data files are archived along with PNG spectrograms for fast retrieval).

File-name mode field

The Collate Daily option will add a -DAILY to the filename; the Collate (Until File Size Limits Reached) option will add a -COLLATE to the filename.

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