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Navigation Data - WorkBoat Output Files

Source navigation files from Workboat in original format for playback "Wbl" and software generated "Fix" files. These files contain data as received from the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or ship data provider.

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=WBOF


(Format descriptions are from: WorkBoat & SeaScape - Help! Program Output by Software Engineering Associates)


The Workboat software produces files with a .Wbl extension (which stands for 'WorkBoat Log'). These files contain the raw output in NMEA formats. Interval blocks are denoted with a "#".

Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension=wbl


The .Fix file is used to generate vehicle track histories either during real-time navigation or afterwards during the replaying of normal log files (.Wbl)

[object#],[name],[date],[time],[latitude],[longitude],[fix depth],[heading],[pitch],[roll],[sensor depth],[altimeter],[speed],[velocimeter],[temperature]


  • object# = 4 for Cage (refer to full object number list), = 5 for ROV
  • latitude = degrees and decimal minutes with hemisphere first, ex: N1234.5678
  • longitude = degrees and decimal minutes with hemisphere first, ex: E01234.5678
  • fix depth = meters from LBL fix
  • heading = degrees True
  • pitch = degrees, positive up
  • roll = degrees, positive roll to starboard
  • sensor depth = meters from depth sensor
  • altimeter = meters from sea floor
  • speed = (m/s, only used with Doppler)
  • velocimeter = (m/s, only used from Doppler)
  • temperature = (deg.C, only used from Doppler)

See below for the device specific parameters.

Workboat software is required for playback of files.

Oceans 2.0 API filterextension=fix

Device-specific Parameters

Oceanic Explorer Navigation (DeviceID 23242):

Oceanic Explorer navigation files are renamed with device code, start and end times, but are otherwise as received raw Workboat Wbl and Fix files to be played back in Workboat software. These contain latitude, longitude, USBL fix depth, depth from depth sensor, and heading, when available. 


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