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State of Health File

The state of health file is a diagnostic information status stream produced by the seismometer. The state of health file contains a GPS status message every minute, an environmental measurements message every ten minutes, a GPS synchronization status message every twenty minutes and GPS timing, visibility and position message every hour.

Oceans 2.0 API filterdataProductCode=SH



Oceans 2.0 API filter: extension=soh

GPS Status message:

o/s: The current offset between the internal clock vs GPS time.

Drift: The difference between current o/s and previous o/s.

Pwm (Pulse Width Modulation): Feedback control parameter.

Manual 3-D: Signifies that enough GPS satellites are visible to obtain a 3D fix. If “No Fix” is displayed, the GPS received has not yet been able to obtain a satisfactory fix.

Ex: 2015 11  5 06:00:00 o/s=   2152 drift=  2036 pwm= 8649  Manual 3D 

Environmental Measurements:

 External Supply: Voltage received by seismometer from the power supply.

Temperature: Internal temperature of seismometer.

Ex: 2015 11  5 06:05:00 External supply : 14.1V Temperature  12.62'C

GPS synchronization:

Current Offset: Current offset between internal clock from GPS time in micro seconds. Slow or fast is used to represent if internal clock is ahead or behind GPS time.

Frequency error: Frequency error in Hz.

Mass Position: Displays the current mass positions.

Ex: 2015 11  5 06:30:00 29.2 MicroSec Slow  Freq error -74 e-9

      2015 11  5 06:30:00 Mass Positions   5% -1%-19%

GPS timing, visibility and position:

GPS timing: The current time provided by GPS

Satellite visibility: SV#’s, which stands for Space Vehicle Number is a list of all usable satellites. A minimum of four satellites is required to obtain a full 3-D GPS fix.

Seismometer position: Latitude, longitude and height of the seismometer. If position is unavailable, the latitude, longitude and height are shown as below. 

Ex: 2015 11  5 06:00:00 GPS Date/Time 05/11/15 06:00:00

      2015 11  5 06:00:01 Manual 3D  SV#'s 1 2 3 4 5   ( 5 )

      2015 11  5 06:00:01 Lat 00'00.0000N  Long 000'00.0000E Height    0m      


Example: GEOSENSESEISMO114_20151105T000000.000Z.soh



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